Okay, if you’re going to do business online…
you need a few payment processors
to get money in and out of your businesses
and Get Paid

Click here to sign up free for coinbase.zendevin.com    

I’ll post a ‘how to’ video on this asap,
though it’s straight forward
You do have to give them 24-48 hours
to verify and approve your account
This is done for security and fraud protection purposes,
so have patience.


Also, your first 1-2 transactions could take 6-7 days to transfer
and 1-2 days to upload to your businesses back offices,
once again, be patient, after your first few transactions, things move faster!


I ‘test’ all my payment processors usually once a month,
just to make sure they’re working properly
(and get in a support ticket so they can update system if not)
…just covering my bases, and so should you!

Click here to sign up free for payza.zendevin.com   

…same goes for this one…
Same set up process and waiting time,
must be bank verified so please be patient!

Click here to sign up free for STP.Zendevin.com

…same goes for this one…
Do I need to repost that paragraph above,
or are we clear on the process?