SEO Tricksters and Scam Alert Types | Are Honest Reviews Honest?

SEO Tricksters and Scam Alert Types

Now, for the record, these types know their SEO shizz….
They know how to rank on page 1 on Google,
and they know how to be the top 3 in YOUR Google search for ‘the Truth’
*** and PS Every company on the planet has a BAD review or several!

…you have to know that this is a ‘strategy’
by many tech savvy internet marketers to use
an old tactic called ‘bait and switch’ by coming off on video
or in an article like they’ve done the research and are there to ‘protect’ you
it works well…even for the ones who call themselves whistleblowers

I’ve tracked several for awhile…

…and a few are really ‘good’ at what they do, these..

SEO Tricksters and Scam Alert Types…

gain your trust by not promoting anything for awhile…
but eventually one of their sycophantic commenters will ask,
What IS legit? And oh, they’re always ready to give you their offer
which, interestingly enough, they never offer an ‘honest review’ of…

Hmm, are you smelling burnt toast yet?!

Are Honest Reviews Honest?

Well, first of all, that just poses the larger questions…

Q: Honest according to who?
My A: Honest in their world view perhaps, but…
honestly trying to sway your opinion is part of it also.

Q: Is it a ‘Review’ or is it well worded subtle knocking?
My A: Be cautious and always consider the source
and what their ‘end game’ might be, I’d love to believe
most of them are altruistic and do care about protecting you..
but most likely are not and are vying for position with you…

Q: Do I sound skeptical? (Yes, we even question me here, I can do that, it’s my blog : )
My A: I wrote this for a few reasons…
1. I just want you to be aware that this ‘Honest’ info is out here
2. That there are better ways to research companies
you are thinking of working with than googling obvious SEO geniuses
* like getting real info on their exec teams, funding, etc…
This is what my team spends time on so we bring you the vetted and tested.

…and if you like you can…
Find out how HONESTY really works here
at my ZenMeister Mindset Blog

…and now, I’ll offer you the link to look at our chosen businesses
because as you might’ve read on my Home page or on our About page
we vet and test before we offer anything to anyone, Go HERE and
click on the drop down menu to see businesses, ‘how to’ videos included!


Cheers, to YOUR Success!

~ Zen



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