How to Set up YOUR Advertisements in FutureAdPro

How to Set up YOUR Advertisements in FutureAdPro

So … you signed, you got your payment processor set up, you waited 24-28 hours to get approved
by your bank to move money, and now you’ve gone in the back office and bought ad packs using Bitcoin…

That was a mouthful and If you have NOT done all that FIRST,
please see this blog post now!

…Okay so, now that that’s handled…

Let’s Set up YOUR Advertisements in FutureAdPro

Please watch this brief video that explains the simple process and feel free to play this
while you set up your first ad, it’s super simple and you’ll likely not need to watch this again,
but just in case, go ahead and bookmark this post and video on YouTube.

So how was that? Easy enough? If you have questions or want me to make a video about
something else on FutureAdPro, just let me know!

Cheers, to YOUR Success!

~ Zen

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