How to Set Up Coinbase Payment Processor to Buy Ad Packs on FutureAdPro

How to Set Up Coinbase Payment Processor

to Buy Ad Packs on FutureAdPro

It’s super easy, you take the link >
(and yes, I receive $10 in btc for every account,which is free to set up for you)
You put in your email and password (write them down somewhere!)
and then set up your profile, it’s pretty standard stuff,
and then you must link a bank account or credit card, it’s your choice!


This process takes 24-48 or even 72 hours
(Ex. if you set it up on a Fri night you’ll hear by Weds the following week)
please be patient, this is for security and fraud protection for everyone.

How to buy Ad Packs on FutureAdPro

This is so super simple, once you do it 1-2 times you’ve got this!
….then it’s up to you if you want to turn the task over to your teen : )

So, a few things:
when you set up your new account with FutureAdPro along the top of the screen
as I say in the video there’ll be 2 apps you need to download, FutureNet and FutureCloud
in order to finish authentication and begin clicking your 10 ads a day (takes 6 minutes)
…and bear in mind, you can place ads for your businesses on this platform also.

In fact, if you’ve never heard of a traffic revenue share, there have been plenty but not like this one!
this one has a smart exec team and the social media platform and FutureNet ‘friends’ matrix
and this is part of how the cash flow and growth of FN occur, there are always streams of income
being added within the company and whether you choose to do one or all is up to you!

Just know this, your link is always coded so you will receive commissions even if you
don’t participate in the ‘friends’ matrix but someone you signed up does…pretty cool
and more about this another time!

Let’s go see…

How to buy an Ad Pack on FutureAdPro NOW…enjoy…


…and here’s a sneak peek at how to set up an ad for YOUR business in FutureAdPro!

Cheers, to YOUR success!

~ Zen


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