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How to Promote Your Business

Well, if you read my post …. (click on the link below to get it ALL, the sort list below only skims the surface!)

The TOP 10 Lessons I Learned to Grow My Business

I’ll give you the short list here…

1) Social Media Branding is CRITICAL

2) Set realistic expectations

3) Goal setting is a necessary thing!

4) Be a Reader!

5) Focus on One Marketing Strategy First!

7) Be actively Proactive!  

8) KISS aka “Keep It Simple Stupid”  

9) Visualize Your Success!

10) Never Quit On Your Dreams.

Okay now onto the practical!
In order to promote anything online, you have to give people
what’s called a LINK, a raw link is the one that is in your back office
at any program or offer you are in.

You could enter your link into a domain name, or a SUB Domain name
and I’ll do a post on that also…
probably a video because it’s easier to SHOW you!

So, now that you know WHAT a link is…you probably want to know…

Where Are MY Links?

Yes…you NEED to know so I’m going to post a few pictures for you!

If you are already in one of my programs, I sent you an affiliate link
for a payment processor called Coinbase, a bitcoin ‘wallet’
so here’s where to look for YOUR LINK so when you offer
one of your programs/offers you get an affiliate payment!

So first is COINBASE

see where it says, ‘invite friends, get $10’ … click on that and then you’ll see this…

AND There is YOUR link to send to people  (well that one is mine, but you get the idea!

See how easy?

Next up…Payza

Go to ‘Sign in’ and do that, enter your email, password and get to here…
I only put the left part that’s relevant to keep my details private, I’m sure you understand : )

See where it says “Referral Program’ Click there!

and you’ll see this…

Copy and Paste that URL to a referral, friend or sign up and you’ll get paid an affiliate fee…
each one is different but payment processors are usually $10 per sign up.

HINT: Make a spreadsheet of these raw links and also note what domain or sub-domain you put them in!

….need to know about another processor, leave me a comment and I’ll tag you with easy info on it!

Now in your businesses,click on the drop down menu under the ‘BUSINESSES’ tab
I’ll show you in the ones that you are in with me…
and so far my top 2 faves are FutureADPro for Traffic Revenue Shares
and USI-TECH for Bitcoin, both are Solid, Growing Strong, have great management teams
planning for Future Growth and SUSTAINABILITY (which is important to me!)

In your back office of FutureADPro
you land on ‘Dashboard’ page but just to be sure you’re in the right place,
click on Dashboard…

It looks  like this…

See it? Good! Click there and then SCROLL DOWN until you see this…

and There’s your links! Click through to see what they are
and which one you like and want to use! I like the one with the video on it : )

and in USI-TECH

 it looks like this…

In ‘Dashboard Home’ …. SCROLL DOWN until you see this…

It’s JUST below the CAR BONUS!

So there’s ‘How to find MY Links’ and I hope this was helpful!

Have questions about anything else back office related?

Just ask and I shall write a Blog Post, make a Video or hop on a Zoom call with you!

Cheers, to YOUR Success!

~ Zen


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