Do you want to be an Entrepreneur? | Working for Yourself vs Someone Else

Do you want to be an Entrepreneur?

Think about this question long and hard before you get approached by someone offering youan ‘opportunity’ … because let’s out line what’s involved.

Working for Yourself vs Someone Else

  • It’a ALL you, baby! At work, you get a boss telling you what needs to get done and when, easy peasy…whether you like your boss or not, at least, you’ve got a
    daily game plan to get it done. Also, you get paid, however meager that wagemay be or you’re thoughts about leaving, you do get to pick up a check.
  • You Make it or Break It! If you don’t make any money, YOU have to dig in and figure out why. Refer to the first bullet point about that, becauseonce again, it is ALL you, baby!

Still want to be an entrepreneur?

If you are creating your own brick and mortar, get ready for expenses you likely didn’t calculate into your business plan. If you are looking tobe part of the ‘work from home’ flock of people, who are literally earning while either being an affiliate or reseller of products or digital services,you STILL have to be self motivated…

And…you just may be blocking your own financial ‘energy’ and not be totallyaware that you are doing that!

Check out my video to see what I mean…I recorded it as a Facebook livestream so please bear with me on this, it’s got info you’ll like : )

See what I mean about ‘bearing with me’ I haven’t figured out how to create a horizontal filming…

Ah well, live and learn and you can do exactly that live and learn and EARN thing,
check out this (it’s under the businesses tab on this site)


Cheers, to YOUR Success!

~ Zen


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