An Online Business that you can start inexpensively?!

An Online Business that you can start inexpensively?!

You may want to take a look at this…

At FutureNet not only do you get a social media platform that pays you for ‘liking’ and commenting (just like on Facebook) but this company offers a Forced Matrix system.

As you can see from my back office, I’m in it to the $100 level and I have it set to ‘automatically’ upgrade me to the $500 position, how does it do that? Where’s the money come from?

It comes from the Revenue sharing aspect of this site, now typically the ‘traffic advertising revenue’ share sites I’ve heard of only have that and it’s built like a ponzi, i.e. I get paid from money you put in and you get paid by money he/she puts in and sooner or later either the cash flow stops or the SEC finds out and shuts it down. SO the biggest and BEST part of this company’s revenue sharing is that it is truly shared over several platforms within the same company and site, such as:
* eCommerce
* Travel Bookings
* gaming and much more
Sign up HERE for free and take a look inside!

What does that mean for YOU…

It makes this a very exciting program, and you get to advertise whatever you want to
* Your offline business
* Your online business
* Your affiliate offers
* Your private Coaching
…anything you can post a link for…and over on this side of the business, the ONLY thing you are required to do is click on 10 ads a day…

I’ll write another post about this but until I do, you can check out THIS BLOG POST to learn about the 10 ways to earn here.

Now, about that Matrix, once you purchase your position, whether that’s the $10, $25, $50 $100, $500 or $1000 (or wait till you earn from the revenue sharing and let it fill in automatically as you take Pay Outs (yes as you take money out a small percentage goes into THiS account so eventually it will fill in whether you are super active with sharing it or not!

Exciting, right? And I will share this…as you get to know this site and company and all it has to offer I believe you’ll come to love it as I do and that’s whether you choose to actively work with it and recruit others to see this in action OR if you just purchase your own ad packs (an ad pack is an increment of advertising where you get to post your product/service via a link along with a headline and some copy and 800 viewers per ad pack is given to you!)

I’ll post a pic below but back to …
FutureNet Matrix

It is the single easiest one time purchase you will do and share with others so they can position themselves, too! If you have a list and you have ad packs adding
up to 800 views per pack you also get to earn on your links, affiliate products/services and/or your own coaching sessions, programs or courses!

This matrix is as simple as it gets and the beauty is that it is a forced matrix so anyone who signs in with you is YOURS and the commissions keep on flowing up to you,,,
even when they choose to purchase something from the eCommerce site or decide to do some advertising using the ad packs, it will ALL be coded to you…

I’ll add in what an ad you create looks like just so you can see how easy is is to use the FutureAdPro revenue sharing part of this…and why wouldn’t you (I know it sounds like a lot but trust me, once you get everything set up and running, it all falls into place and you’re done in a half hour a day (unless you choose to chat with people and share the offer and that’s YOUR CALL)

Here’s an ad I just made…

See how easy that is? I would simply hit ‘submit’ wait for approval and get my 800 views per ad pack as you can see I have many views to  use in my back office and so can you when you build this business in a sustainable way…and I will help you do exactly that.

Here’s what the page looks like where YOU go to click on your 10 ads per day…

I think I’ve given you enough to put together for now, but I am always happy to jump on a Zoom call to help you with set up and to walk through what to do and when to do it. I always advise getting in at the Matrix level of $100 and purchasing at least 25 ad packs ($50 each, that’s $1250) though I started the organic way 2+ years ago
with $500 and just remained patient while clicking ads everyday, I then signed up only 2 people in my first year so it is very doable to work this business in a totally passive way if you’re a full time worker right now, build it until it replaces your salary – we can discuss those details on a private call!

If you’re active, and I wasn’t very active, 2 sign ups in my first year and only a handful more of people who were serious and took action, that’s all you need to build a sustainable, thriving and growing business that literally takes you only 15 minutes to an hour or so a day!

Set up your private Zoom session today…and bonus points for you,
I’m a hypnotherapist so I can assist you with your mindset as well!

Let’s get you started today because all I ever hear is… “I wish I started this sooner! It’s the sleeper program of the Online Industry!” and it always pays out ON TIME.


Cheers, to YOUR Success!

Zen (Lillian) Devin

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