2019 is the Epic Year at FutureAdPro|FutureNet

Why? Or wait, first, WHAT is FutureAdPro AND FutureNet?

Good questions, Grasshopper!
You should know WHAT something, an online business, let’s say, actually IS, amiright?

…I think that often people are so busy being subconsciously triggered by leaders in the online industry that have taken great lessons in copywriting and human behavior/psychology that they don’t do accurate vetting and assessing of the real business potential they’re being offered. I know I didn’t the first few years online, I bought course after course…and couldn’t make heads or tails of most of it!

…but I digress…

So where was I? Oh yes, here’s what I said, “You should know what something, a business online, let’s say, actually is” and I’ll add “what that business is, what business model it is, and what are the benefits to you in the near and far future” that’s a lot but would you join an offline business without knowing or researching details about the company and person you’re choosing to join, what’s wrong with due diligence? & being happy with your immediate upline/sponsor…you cannot and should not actually rely on them but it’s nice to be with someone you’d like to emulate to some degree, am i right?? 

I feel a ‘online business’ myth buster blog or vlog post coming on…but I’ll save it for later in the week/month. That’s right 2 times a week I’ll be coming at you with INFO and Business Tips via email and posted to all things Zen (a Facebook page I’ll add you to IF you’re nice to me : )

OK…WHY 2019 is the Epic Year at FutureAdPro|FutureNet  …

First, WHAT it is…It’s several income streams in one for starters, we’ve got a social media platform, it’s doesn’t have the numbers Facebook is boasting (yet but it’s only 4 years old and hasn’t been on fire, yet…2019!) though it is for the business oriented individual and you’re not blocked or penalized for any type of advertising and this platform heightens exposure, it does not set up algorithms designed to pick for you what or who you get see, that’s a FB thang baby…not here, you have got an open forum AND you earn ‘media points’ you can use for advertising…you earn them every time you post or like/comment or share someone else’s post. You EARN and get PAID for doing that. There are other ways to use media points and I’ll write again in 2019 bc there are updates and upgrades galore coming up!

We’ve got a Traffic Revenue Share…if you do not know what this is, it is a where you can place ads to generate leads and prospects for your other affiliate or online business offers. These traffic rev shares have existed before but were set up like ponzi’s … not this one, ALL of the revenue from the social media platform, advertising, the eComm site, gaming site, etc…is added up and calculated and shared with those who earn by buying ‘ad packs’ (an increment of advertising) get a sneak peek walk through on that RIGHT HERE

The sneak peek is 12 videos, all approximately 4-6 minutes each, that’s not long to learn exactly what you need to do daily should you choose to join me, now is it??  AND daily tasks take 20-30 minutes, that’s it, that’s passively, meaning you only are working for your own passive income. If you choose to be ACTIVE well, for me, that means adding about 1-2 hours a day to that, because connecting with people daily to share the info takes however long you want to commit to.

I’ll explain all that in your Zoom coaching call, which is totally FREE to my team members, you get mind set training mixed in with the epic overview pulled together for you, personally, by moi. These coaching calls are $150/hr for people who are in other businesses, so it’s a mega-deal to YOU and my team members!  

There are a few other earning options currently and coming up though I think I’ve rambled long enough, yes? 

I’ll end with this…WHY is FutureAdPro | FutureNet going to be so EPIC?

Because it’s undergoing a revamping, a proper primping going into this year, 2018 was a year full of growth we didn’t even anticipate and so…
the servers got overloaded and then adjustments had to be made, like beta testing and integrating the new platform scheduled for Jan 15-22 (a week to 10 days) and like making withdrawals $1000 maximum a day, but that’s a ‘good problem’ to have, amiright?!

Get into the FutureNet movement HERE (scroll down to watch the very brief overview video) and let’s chat prior to the new platform launch so you’ll be poised for success when the launch is complete! Meanwhile you can look around for a few weeks till it happens.

You know, because I’ve been at it almost THREE YEARS now, I wonder if I explain things in the easiest way, could you let me know…How’d I do so far with this post??? 

Cheers, to YOUR success in 2019!

~ Zen

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