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I think, like many people
I came online to make some extra money
and then when I got it figured out…
I’d show others how to do the same,
that was the plan anyway…


Instead, total newbie that I was,
I got ‘sales funneled’ into joining an MLM
and then…set out to make it work,
and I worked and worked…


Not exactly what I had in mind because
I had a part time Hypnotherapy/NLP practice
and really what I went online to find
was a way to earn a PT income between clients


What I got was…not that.


I backed away from that MLM,
it wasn’t structured well, I hadn’t researched
the owner well enough…etc…etc…
but I definitely understand why many people like the business model,
and to each their own, right?


I was also a just few years away
from having the freedom an empty nest brings
and I wanted to travel
and that meant I needed 2 things…


1. something I could work on from my computer.
…and I now do private Zoom sessions with coaching clients
in addition to my passive income streams
(under the Businesses tab)


2. something I could spend 2-4 hours a day on MAXIMUM
I didn’t and still don’t want to spend all day on my laptop
building clever sales funnels…
though helping my ‘tribe’ get their business portfolio
set up and running is totally cool with me!
3. I wanted passive income streams that were…
‘recruiting optional’ and I’ve built these all with
very few participating sign ups.


That being said, all are experiencing faster growth
With sign ups and yes, those people are earning as well.


It’s taken my silent partners and our research team
time to find the offers that meet that criteria.

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Cheers, to your success!


~ Zen

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